ClickFunnels – Why Is This the Best Advertising Platform?

Are you an online seller or a service provider? If you have worked on a startup or any business venture, you probably know the importance of establishing your sales funnels for the growth and exposure of your business. Many social media and advertising platforms have emerged on the market recently, but what stood out in 2018 was ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is an all-in-one platform that has all of your marketing and advertising needs covered; this includes audience exposure, e-mail marketing, shopping cart functionality, and even online webinars to constantly improve your marketing tactics.

Before we dive into the ins-and-outs of ClickFunnels, let me explain what a sales funnel is, and its seven phases. Generally, a sales funnel refers to the buying process that companies get as a result of marketing. Depending on your industry and type of business, a sales funnel is structured based on different models. However, seven common features of sales funnels include:

      1. Awareness Phase: where prospective customers become aware of a solution to a personal problem;
      2. Interest Phase: where prospects demonstrate an interest in the product by researching about it;
      3. Evaluation Phase: where prospects examine other competitors, before the final buying decision;
      4. Decision Phase: where the final decision and negotiation begins;
      5. Purchase Phase: where the product or service is being purchased;
      6. Remarketing Phase: where the prospect turned client evaluates his or her satisfaction with the product;
      7. Repurchase Phase: wherein the customer repurchases the product or service if positively reviewed in the re-evaluation phase.

Now that we understand the primary goals of using a sales funnel, we look into the main reasons why ClickFunnels is your best option out there for this type of service.

Use ClickFunnels?

It’s not complicated

You don’t need to be an IT expert or encoding millions of codes to effectively use ClickFunnels. You don’t even need to understand web basics, like HTML and CSS. ClickFunnels allows you to get your website or advertising template started without difficulty.  The service provides an abundance of templates to fit your design requirements; it is described as a drag and drop software with a user base of over 65,000 people.

Save time with e-mails

Because it may take half of your day to finish responding to e-mails, ClickFunnels has multiple features that will cover this process and boost your business efficiency. The platform offers automated message sending for visitors or subscribers, and can also notify you when someone purchases from one of your affiliated stores. Of course, you can also reply to your customers directly through ClickFunnels without using another third-party messaging service.

User support

ClickFunnels has a true heart for its users. The platform offers free training sessions and other relevant resources to help you get started and improve. There are also proper training sessions that will help entrepreneurs make marketing and advertising choices that work best for their business or industry. This is a promoted feature of ClickFunnels; when you visit the website a free description of your business’s ideal marketing strategies are clearly displayed. Check out the main website page here; on the right-hand side, you have access to a short quiz determining what tools will suit your business.

Additionally, unlike other marketing platforms, ClickFunnels gives you access to its regular e-mail customer support. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, they also offer support over the phone, or priority template requests (which are only provided to Enterprise members). The Facebook group is a way for members and administrators to discuss issues and brainstorm new solutions for the platform.

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